June 23, 2024

Unusual: 3 unconventional cooking techniques for your dishes!

The cookedIt's like fashion ... Trends go on and some are wackier than others. For example, for years, there has been a boom in cooked very worked, from the cooked molecular and in this vein, several culinary experiments have hatched. Exit the oven to cook your food ... Here are some rather unusual methods decrypted.


1. Bake in the dishwasher

Hervé This is not a cook and yet he has revolutionized a way of cooking. This physico-chemist from INRA (Scientific Institute for Agricultural Research) tried to cook a fish in the dishwasher, to reproduce a type of cooking at low temperature. Indeed, the cooked at low temperature allows to obtain a very soft meat. Cooked longer and below 100 degrees, foods reduce less. But the proper furnaces can be quite expensive. This method allows you to try it even with a small budget. Be careful though, it is best to pack the dish in the dishwasher to avoid disturbing tastes. In addition, dishwashers can reach temperatures below 60 degrees. It will therefore monitor with a probe, because it is the uncrossable threshold to eradicate bacteria. Norbert of Top Chef or Cyril Rouquet of Masterchef have tried it and seem very satisfied with the result ...


2. Toaster with an iron

Do not have an oven, grill or panini machine? Do not panic ! With the help of a simple iron, you will be able to toast all your dishes ! Indeed, nothing more simple. You can prepare your croque-monsieur or club sandwich that you want to eat hot. Once ready, you wrap it in aluminum foil and hop, a shot of iron! A few minutes later, you will discover a slightly crisp bread. Surprising, no?


3. Microwave cooking

It is found in all kitchens of students and he is the best friend of dishes all ready to warm up. But if the microwave oven became your ally to become a blue cordon? No more troubleshooting, the microwave is now used for the preparation of dishes good appetizing. When one cooked for one or two people, it is even much more practical. Flans, boiled eggs, roast ... All is allowed with the proper recipes! On the other hand, do not forget to put a plastic bell on top if you want to avoid disaster with nice splashes.

11 Unusual yet Delicious Ways to Cook Food! | Creative, Unconventional Cooking Hacks by Blossom (June 2024)