October 27, 2021

Unusual Beauty Remedy: Homéoplasmine

This ointment whose formula combines antiseptic, healing and moisturizing agent, is originally intended to soothe and repair irritation, burns and small sores. But Homéoplasmine was quickly diverted from its classic use and is now an indispensable beauty routines of many beauty addicts.

The miracle cure for a beautiful mouth
For chapped lips or small skins, Homéoplasmine is ideal for soothing and repairing. Its effectiveness is such that it has become an essential beauty kit for pro makeup artists who use it on models before a shoot or a parade. Applied before applying lipstick, this ointment perfectly hydrates the lips so that the red finish is perfect.
Even without being a model, here is a star treatment and a beauty tip to prick to the pros without hesitation. Shooting or not the next day, it is applied thickly in the evening for a sweet mouth on waking. The calendula present in the formula is an ultra-efficient nourishing agent. During the day, if the lips tug, applying a light coat acts as a classic balm. Finally, the make-up artists also use it as a mask, letting it lay in a thick layer for 5 to 10 minutes. Then remove excess fat delicately with a kleenex or terry towel. For chapped lips, it is possible to rub (circularly, it is more effective and softer) with the tissue or towel to remove dead skin.

Homéoplasmine also plumps the lips thanks to its very nourishing qualities. The shiny finish of the ointment also enhances the sensuality of the lips. But if it has been adopted for a long time and en masse as lip balm by beauty addicts, Homoeoplasmin has many other beauty secrets.

The ally of the dry zones
Homéoplasmine can also be used to moisturize hands, feet and dry areas of the face. The balm also relieves damaged hands or heated feet. It would also prevent blisters. When the skin is irritated by the cold, homeoplastin is an excellent face care. Finally, it can be used to nourish the cuticles during its manicure.

Win the Eyebrow Battle
Homeoplasmin has also been diverted into a make-up product. In addition to soothing the skin after an eyebrow waxing, it also helps to fix them. It proves to be the ideal weapon for undisciplined eyebrows. It also gives them a shiny appearance. This all-purpose ointment also makes it possible to hold the eye shadow longer if it is used as a base.

A real Swiss beauty knife!

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