January 24, 2021

US Presidential Election: Sarah Jessica Parker votes Obama and the poster with style

Since the beginning of the American election campaign, many stars have committed themselves to Barack Obama. There were those who campaigned for the re-election of the current President of the United States and those who showed their support in a more fashionable way. Barack Obama has thus become the latest fashion accessory trend, its name or face being declined in series on dresses, earrings, t-shirts and even in nail art.

A fashion phenomenon that had already touched the stars in 2008 during the first presidential campaign of Barack Obama but which was accentuated for that of his reelection. Katy Perry made a splash in a ballot dress (read the article), while Miley Cyrus preferred the t-shirt option and Sharon Stone the bag. When Beyoncé, she triggered a real tidal wave on the web, users rushing to the site of the designer Erika Pena to buy the same Obama earrings that those worn by the star.

The D-Day of the American presidential election having arrived, the stars do not weaken in their commitment. As she was going to her polling station in a public school in West Village, New York, Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing a Viva Obama t-shirt. T-shirt which the actress seems rather proud and she exhibits with joy for the photographers. It must be said that the star is a fervent supporter of Barack Obama and this for a long time. Very committed to the re-election campaign of the outgoing president, she also joined the White House team in 2009 by joining the Arts Committee. A pro-Obama activism that has not left since and that today displays with style. Priestess of fashion one day, fashion priestess always.

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