April 17, 2024

Use scented vinegars

Word vinegar comes from the Latin "vinum acre" which simply means sour wine. It comes from the acetic fermentation of wine and apple. The vinegar is a must in cooking, so here are some ideas receipts.


The Melfor: true Alsatian specialty the "Melfor" is not a vinegar (according to French law), but a condiment based on vinegar of alcohol, infusions of plants and honey famous in the East of France. Its taste is similar to that of vinegar and it is used as such.
The vinegar of raspberry: this gourmet fruit pleases us particularly. In the form of vinegarits taste is necessarily more acidic. It can nevertheless be used to season our salads fruit, to surprise our taste buds. The vinegar raspberry will bring a very original touch. More commonly, it can be used to perfume our salads vegetables, then mix with a little rapeseed oil.
The vinegar de Xéres: it is excellent to raise our dishes of seared meats. Beyond that, the vinegar de Xéres goes well with walnut oil and more classically with olive oil.
The vinegar balsamic: it has become a classic duet with olive oil to season our salads. His taste is perfect for a salad based on avocado. It is also very good in vinaigrette.
The vinegar of cider: it is famous since always for its slimming and cosmetic virtues. We prefer its taste a little less strong than the vinegar of wine. It is ideal for perfuming our salads endive.
The vinegar of wine: it is very good to marinate our meats. Mixed with different spices and some small vegetables, our meat will be soft to perfection.

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