June 10, 2023

Véronique Genest: "my fight against the pounds!"

Stop doing anything!
From the beginning of his book, Véronique Genest It does not go by four ways: it admits 18 kilos of excess on the scale, which even goes to reach an unmentionable figure. Ten months ago, she decided to start a cure, encouraged by her husband. Today, she can announce with enthusiasm that she has managed to lose 10 kilos. Of course, between the two the path was not easy. She tells it in her book "46/38 War and Weight". "I never had a problem confessing my weaknesses and my faults," says the actress immediately. "I've always been round and I soon had a problem with the food. Diets, whatever they are, have no more secret for me. Alas, they only accentuated my weight gain. Not to mention that everything got worse when I quit smoking. "
With all those extra pounds, Veronique reaches a point of no return, even refusing to leave her home. "I understood that I was at a time in my life when it was time, finally, I take into account all that was trying to teach me for years: eat reasonably, healthily, with pleasure and especially moving. "The actress said that her extra pounds were not just due to a problem of food: she ate to calm her anxieties. "Anyway, whether I'm gay or sad, I was eating, so it became imperative that I stop doing anything."

The cure, a click
A cure at Brides-les-Bains makes him aware of all this, and also teaches him that it is useless to bruise and starve, to end up ineluctably by taking twice more weight and sink into guilt. "During this cure, I learned to accept myself as I am, not to want to be what I will never be." She also decided not to return to this kind of fatality where we say to ourselves, "I'm gaining weight, it's normal, I'm getting older, my body is changing. "
Today, Véronique Genest feeds in a more balanced way and especially regularly. She is, therefore, less hungry at any time of the day. "It's an apprenticeship that needs to be applied on a daily basis. And then, it feels so much better quickly, that these new eating habits become an automatism. When I leave the table, it's frankly more pleasant not to feel heavy and bloated anymore. "
Admittedly, the actress is aware that she still has some way to go, she would like to lose a few extra pounds, but she knows that her body is being regulated and that it will be done more gently. "What is certain is that today I do not feel guilty anymore if I make a departure, I know how to catch up with it. I remain greedy and continue to eat with pleasure, but in smaller quantities. "
This book, written as a conversation, is the image of its author, natural and full of humor. Through the story of her days, punctuated with anecdotes about her life and her job, she gives a lot of practical tips and simple recipes to make. A book to consume without moderation!

"46/38 War and weight"
Véronique Genest
Editions Michel Lafon - 17.95?

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