September 30, 2020

Valérie ORSONI, a world famous coach

Valérie Orsoni, of Corsican origin moved to the United States 8 years ago, and has become in a few years a real "executive woman". Creator of programs coaching online very innovative, coach stars, author of books coaching. But this has not, for all that, always been so simple ...
Suffering from a brain tumor, Valerie will never accept her illness. "I needed a project, an outlet, another subject in the head to avoid rehashing".

This is how the company MyPrivateCoach will be born. A society that is today one of the most important organizations of coaching American and European.
"I had no technique, no method, and even less planning. I first thought about the concept (I wanted to help people using all the knowledge I had accumulated over the years), then the title: My Private Coach. A friend helped me to create a web page, I read books "For Dummies" and I was well surrounded. When I came out of the disease, I started working on marketing. I found my first client in 3 days. She approached me while I was on the train, I had no idea of ​​the prices. I gave a huge number and she agreed. It was the beginning of a very beautiful and great adventure »

To date, 5 years later, the company has more than 125 coaches around the world. Valérie Orsoni was able to create the society she dreamed of.
Employees: housewives, mothers of large families, men close to retirement and who have so much to offer, young graduates as big companies would like to recruit in only 10 years. All this with healthy rules and schedules of 100%!

MyPrivateCoach, with its programs coaching high-end worked very well but Valérie Orsoni realizes that a large part of the population can not afford its services and launches, as a pioneer of its kind, LeBootCamp, a coaching online, first with the thinness ( then with anti-aging and beauty (

LeBootCamp is:
LeBootCamp, which takes its name from the training camps of the US Armed Forces, is not a "diet" per se, but a program, a new healthy way of life. The concept, at the base rather intense, has been rid of its military aspect to keep only what works: the motivation, the desire to go to the end, mutual aid, coaching and success.
Beyond the knowledge that we learn about nutrition and dietetics in general, it is a real community that is offered to us.

The basics of the LeBootCamp program:
Healthy Slimming. A fun but serious program, with a great team of recognized specialists in the field: Olympic champion, nutrition professor, specialist in obesity-related diseases, sports coaches, etc.
We play on the diet but also on the sport to tone the silhouette and burn calories. Without sport, we can lose weight only with food, but the weight loss is limited, we quickly recover the lost pounds and the body is flaccid. With sport, we achieve a better goal, we do not take back the weight lost because the sport offsets the excess calories and especially the muscles are tonic!

For this, the LeBootCamp program is equipped with "My Gym" with all exercises categorized by body area. To target the negative points of the silhouette of each and everyone!
Each client receives daily nutrition, sport and well-being advice in addition to recipes and menu plans for the week. The added value of the LeBootCamp program? Unlimited questions to Valérie and her team of dietician / coaches for 100% support!

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