May 28, 2024

Valérie Trierweiler: our speculations on the look of the first lady

Refreshment: according to our information Valerie Trierweiler should be dressed by Georges Rech or Gerard Darel, two brands "made in France" that correspond well to the spirit of the first lady of France who loves tailors pants, pumps, neutral colors (beige, cream, brown)
There are five when Cécilia Sarkozy and his stepfamily family made their entrance to the Elysee, the photographers had eyes only for the little Louis eyes riveted on the emblems of the Republic, and on the ivory dress of the first signed Prada. VSD also noted that Prada had flooded the newsroom press releases welcoming to dress Ms. Cécilia Sarkozy.

Five years later, things have changed, the crisis has passed and bling-bling has fizzled out. So can we doubt that Valerie Trierweiler who qualifies as a "housewife under 50" and "normal woman" makes his market in the private salons of the great couturiers. Point Chanel or Dior, but brands "mainstream" in the image of the one that explains in Femme Actuelle April 28 not be used to wearing haute couture dresses, and buy her clothes in the markets, where she likes to shop.

Can we imagine a first lady in H & M or Zara like Michelle Obama? No doubt the look of Valerie Trierweiler will be scrutinized and the addition watched closely by political observers and curious ...


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