February 29, 2024

Valentine's Day: 8 golden gestures to melt darling

The blow of the illade
The corner look, the soft eyes, flutter, so many expressions that prove that the blow of the illand is still a safe value so that it reads in your thoughts even the most daring ... Apply your mascara the most black or arm false eyelashes, discreet if you target a mysterious charm but discreet (it will only see fire!), or disproportionate to play cabaret! Beat eyelashes until you fly for 7th sky...
-Mascara 1001 eyelashes black Quartz Bourjois, 12,90?
-Mascara Plumper Lengths Gemey Maybelline, 11,90?
-Mascara Eyelash Cabaret Arcancil, 10,90?
The Red and the Black
Use and abuse the fateful duo that seems directly connected to the center of the desire in men, classic codes like pin-up sexy or stripper, emblematic of seduction. Work a smoky smoky on the eyes with a brush and a black or taupe shadow, or wear the eye liner, force on the mascara and why not, dare a fly drawn at the corner of the lips with a waterproof liner pencil (to avoid that she does not leave). On the mouth, first drawn in pencil tone on tone, a red matt or satin red but not brilliant to avoid vulgarity in favor of the fatal style sought!
Red Authentic Red Kiss, 13?
-Red Color Wear Experience, Debby, 9.50?
-Red perfect matte shiseido eclat, 25,50?
The raised eyebrow
What's more sexy and hypnotic than the face of a Hitchcockian heroine or a 60's actress? Their common point? Their eyebrows well drawn! They are the architects of the face: they visually balance the volumes between the eyes and cheeks. With a faded pencil, which also makes it possible to make up for the hair removal mistakes, or a shadow and a beveled brush, throw yourself in the water, it will have the mouth watering! also think of the eyebrow bars to give them a shape or to dye them tone on tone, just to emphasize the line.
-Kit Eyebrow "pro", Clarins, 36,50?
-Crayon wax eyebrow fixer, Mister Eyebrow, Givenchy, 20,50?
- Ideal Eyebrow Pencil, Arcancil, 5,90?
Satin skin
Make a statement voile satin, iridescent, fragrant, to chew thanks to an oil or a sequined powder, or a perfumed body milk sprinkled with mother-of-pearl or diamond powder. Avoid glitter (bigger), they will quickly rhinestones / evening, cling less well and suddenly, fall everywhere. The smaller they are, the more they are hypnotizing ...
Marshmallow Flavored Sequined Powder, Urban Decay, 26?
- Diamond Powder Make up For Ever, 21,50?
-Oil glittery body, Sephora, 9.90?
Perfume of forbidden
It's time to take it by the nose. Leave your water cool or floral kind of side in favor of a woody juice, sensual see downright carnal. Spicy, decked with scents of candied fruit still mystical and amber, it will transform you into a woman with a fiery temperament. Dare! But not just before it happens: these fragrances need space and time to flourish and reveal themselves. Of course, try it before ...
-Pomegranate Black, Jo Malone; Opium, Yves St Laurent; Black Orchid, Tom Ford
Hair removal
If you have not tried it yet, now is the time to try Brazilian hair removal! This one leaves a very small triangle in front of (but if you want it bigger, specify it) and especially, removes all the hairs located on the lips and "behind" if you want it. Ouch! You think. Well imagine that apart from the gene of being naked in front of a beautician, thanks to his expertise, it does not hurt that much ... and the game is worth the candle. For you, because it's very nice (you have to try to understand) .... And for darling that the discovery of this area brushed version will drive you crazy!
Take his foot
Is he at your feet? No question of falling on scaly varnish, horn and dead skin! Treat yourself to a pedicure or spin in the bathroom: remove any remaining solvent varnish, clean the underside of the nails, cut and file them. and If you have a polisher, polish their surface (the varnish will adhere better) and if you have time to push the cuticles and massage your nails with a nutritious oil to leave a few hours. Then wash them to remove the oil and apply a base and a nice varnish.
-Repairing serum with Ecrinal 10 oils
Nourishing Oil Manicure Rose Rose Agnès b. CWB, 9.90?
Atmosphere not wise
Spread in the air pleasant scents and have candles in the room ... but not just any! Of those that allow, once their special wax turned into oil, to run with a boiling hot massage! (but without getting burned!)
-Family massage candle yes for love, 29 ?, and candle massage small candies, 12,90? on //www.passagedudesir.fr/

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