April 20, 2024

Valentine's day: a new burger for lovers at Quick

Want an unusual evening with your half for the Valentine's Day ? That should delight you or at least make you smile together: after daring the foie gras burger for the end of the year, Quick throws the Heart of Burger for the Valentine's Day.

Heart-shaped as its sweet name suggests, this new sandwich is a funny temptation for lovers. The brioche and golden bread rolls that compose it enclose two steaks of beef and a creamy brie sauce. To this recipe that is already mouthwatering fans of the genre, let's add two slices of cheese melted to reach the seventh heaven of greedy.

Served in a black box with a big red heart, the Heart of Burger will be available in limited edition from February 8 to 14, the day of the Valentine's Day, included.

Heart of Burger - Quick
February 8 to 14
4.60? in burger only

7,10? in normal menu

7.85? in menu XL

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