December 1, 2021

Valentine's day: crack for a sexy make-up

1. The complexion

First step: the glowy complexion. Start by unifying your complexion, using a BB tinted cream or foundation. Beforehand, moisturize your skin with a cream. An essential base, never to forget. Then add a little clear loose powder applied to the T-zone of the face. Then a light veil of sunny powder, for a tanned effect, all over your pretty face. Be careful not to abuse it. The goal is to have a lightly halted and glowy complexion, and not an orange skin, version "I abused U.V". You can also use iridescent powders for the complexion.

Our selection of products:
- Even Better Makeup SPF15 Clinic, 34 euros
- Invisible Powder by Kiko, 11,90 euros
- Mineralize Skinfinish from Mac, 28 euros
- Terracotta Light Guerlain, 41,50 euros


2. The eyes

For the eyes, put on a smoky look with the help of a bewitching smoky eyes. To do this, nothing simpler. Start with a line of black kohl applied flush with the upper lashes (you can also use here a black eye liner). Do the same, flush with the lower lashes. The two features must imperatively meet, so that your eyes are surrounded by a black halo. Then make up the eyelid with a black or dark gray eye shadow, using a brush specially designed for the eyes. Apply from inside to outside. On the rest of the eye, put a little pearly beige makeup to open the eye and enlarge the look. Avoid a too white make-up here. Then add your usual black mascara. And voila !

Product Selection:
- Eyeshadow Sephora N ° 54 "Black Mat", 11,90 euros

- Nars twinkling eyeshadow "Tibet", 24 euros

- Kiko Ultimate Long Wear Eyeliner Pen, 6,90 euros
- Khol & Contour Bourjois, 8.05 euros
- Mascara, Colossal Smoky Volum Express Mascara, Gemey Maybelline, 13,90 euros


3. The lips


The makeup of the eyes being very pronounced, it is necessary here to play the card of the sobriety and the natural one. To proscribe therefore the lipstick red or dark. And prefer them lipstick or tinted lip balm pink.

Product Selection:
- Red Yves Rocher high concentration moisturizing cream cream, 4.65 euros.
- Chubby Stick Clinique Tint # 11, Two Ton Tomato, 19 euros

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