June 5, 2020

Valentine's Day: Each seductress's perfume - The Discrete

Do not want to trace you by a wake too pronounced? But not want a transparent fragrance? Here is a selection of perfumes who will season you elegantly, with character but without adding.

Your profile :
You have a job that banishes all eccentricity (bank, insurance, home) and you must be professional, especially not in seduction. However, you have to be feminine. Side look, you are trendy but not sexy, just modern and feminine. On the personality side, you have your little character but remain discreet: you prefer to listen to being in the center, but that does not mean transparent. In short, you need a perfume in your image: non invasive but exists, which we do not notice but which contributes to the general impression of your style. Your winter fragrance is floral and vibrant ...

The selection :
- At the rose : a perfume bright which offers the rose a beautiful interpretation piquant and tender, like a fresh flower. Agnès b. to the Club of the Creators of Beauty, Roll on 10ml, 19,90?
- Freesia's flight : a blend of sweet white flowers lightened by caressing and floating green and honeyed notes. Delarom, 50 ml, 35? (in pharmacy)
- Boss Orange : apple, peach and plum resonate in the midst of honeyed tones of velvety jasmine flowers and vanilla orange blossoms. Hugo Boss, 50ml, 52?
- Delights of Rose and Violet flowers : a mutinous flower juice deliciously surrendered but lively that rounds gently to sweeten like a candy. L'Occitane, 75ml, 39?
- Vanitas : bright and vibrant, a young and tenderly crunchy accord of lime, freesia and tiare flower on sandalwood background. Versace, 50ml, 59?
- Love of Pink : a romantic and energetic fragrance that combines lemon and passion with a flowery heart of pink magnolia and quince flower. Lacoste, 50ml, 50?



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