April 17, 2024

Valentine's day: it's the feast of hearts at Hédiard!

For the Valentine's Day this year, Hédiard has chosen to decline the theme of Love in a collection all hearts. chocolates, fruit paste, the heart is in the limelight and therefore lovers too.

A true "lace heart"

In this collection of hearts imagined by Hédiard for the Valentine's Day, we find in particular a "Heart of lace", a creation inspired by the most beautiful pieces of haute couture or jewelery. Yes, these are ribbons of chocolate hand-crafted that intertwine to create a delicate lace-shaped case. And inside, it shines with four delights of chocolates.

24.90? the safe

A "chocolate declaration"
The most romantic lovers can also make a "Declaration chocolate"to their darling for the Valentine's Day. It is the 12th of February exclusively that the house Hédiard will realize hearts in chocolate Custom. Each will be able to engrave on this creation in chocolate ephemeral initials, first names and other romantic statements. Ideal for a marriage proposal or just for fun ...

Heart (chocolate black 70% cocoa): 38?

The "Hearts of Fuit"

For the Valentine's Day, Hédiard also offers too cute heart-shaped fruit pastes, of course. Contained in a pretty red-colored passion box of two different sizes, the Hearts of fruit are a delight scented with aromas placed under the sign of lovers. Pomegranate, orange-ginger or raspberry-violet. What to simply turn heads!

Box by 4: 7? / Box by 9: 15?

Ronnie Aldrich and His Orchestra - My Heart Reminds Me (April 2024)