January 16, 2022

Valentine's Day Menu: Champagne, Frozen Hearts and Macaroons

On February 12, 13 and 14 only, you will be able to find the macaroon of the Valentine's Day by Grand Marnier at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. A macaroon Will you be offered for any purchase of a lingerie set with a minimum value of 30 ?. If you do not need naughty underwear, you can directly buy the macaroon in heart at the price of 14?. It's a little more naughty that will make your menu Valentine's Day original and unforgettable. The macaroon is a unique creation both in its heart shape and in the rare cocktail it contains, based on Grand Marnier liqueur, Champagne, ginger, orange and wild strawberries ...

Picard's iced duo will make a perfect dessert for budding cooks who would not want to waste too much time in the kitchen! It is a tasty, refreshing and very light dessert, totally irresistible, to be served with a delicious Champagne pink. Preparation: take out of the freezer 5 minutes before tasting. Its price: 3.80?

To accompany the macaroon and the iced duet, get the icing on the cake of your menu Valentine's Day, the sublime bottle of Champagne Rosé Lanson sold in preview at Monoprix at 29.95?
To close this menu Valentine's Dayyou only have to devour the eyes of your beloved!