June 23, 2024

Valentine's Day recipe: Joelle's monkfish swim with vanilla

For 2 people

- 500 g monkfish
- 1 clove vanilla
- 1/2 liter of Fumet de Fish
- 1 dl of dry white wine
- 1 pinch of saffron
- 1 Orange (untreated)
- 2 small carrots


* Split the pod of vanilla in half and scrape it carefully to recover its pulp.
* Rinse the orange and take half of the zest (filaments).
* Mix the aroma of fish with the white wine. Add the seeds of vanilla as well as the pod, orange zest and saffron.
* Peel the carrots and, using a thrifty knife, cut into thin slices, such as tagliatelle.
* Detail the monkfish in large bites.
* Bring to boil and add the carrots and burbot, cook in small broth for 7 minutes.
* Serve with swimming in deep plates. Add some saffron filaments to the dessert and taste quickly.

Serve with a rice with small pieces of pineapple.

(Source Spades Plate)


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