August 12, 2020

Valentine's day: the pleasure of aphrodisiac spices

Many spices are renowned for their virtues aphrodisiacsIt's no wonder then that we associate love with the food register by talking about spicy encounters or spicy dates. The spices play a fundamental role in the awakening of the senses that opens the kitchen, so it is time to take stock of the main spices aphrodisiacs and their virtues.

The top 6 aphrodisiac spices  



Known for its many medicinal properties, ginger also has virtues aphrodisiacs acting as a vasodilator. It would accentuate libido and blossom sexual life.



Little known for their virtues explicitly aphrodisiacson the other hand, the seeds inside the vanilla bean are said to have euphoric properties. Nothing better to increase libido!



Like pepper, cinnamon has exciting components. No need to draw a picture of the virtues aphrodisiacs which she can dispose in this case!



Cayenne pepper 
Very stimulating and vasodilator, cayenne pepper has real virtues in the acceleration of blood flow.



Clove would be one of the aphrodisiacs the most powerful natural ones: it is used against mental or physical fatigue. It can thus be used by lovers who experience a small decrease in diet.



Used in ancient medicine, saffron was known for its virtues aphrodisiacs because it would have properties as powerful as certain hormones.


Aromatic Spice Wisdom - Aphrodisiacs (August 2020)