October 25, 2021

Valentine's day - To each seductress its perfume - La Coquette

Your profile :
Simple, you munch life and claim your femininity through a colorful style, in a word, you like to have fun but are sensitive. Sweetness and elegance characterize you, you hate conflict and love to be surrounded by all your girlfriends. On your skin, you need a comforting smell a bit sexy, bright but assertive. You like to seduce and you could spend a whole day at the beauty department of a department store. Androgyny, very little for you! You like everything that differentiates you from the male, and the rose does not scare you! For the winter you trade the fresh floral for a more enigmatic and intensely flowery juice.

The selection
- The One Lace : Sparkling notes of bergamot and mandarin softened by lychee and sweet peach on white vanilla flowers. Dolce and Gabbana 50 ml, 60 euros.
- Like an Evidence : Soft green start of violet leaves followed by rose, jasmine and wild lily of the valley on moss and patchouli. Yves Rocher, 50ml, 34?
- Madly Kenzo : a floral burst, dense and joyful as a lyrical flight on the skin! Kenzo, 30 ml, 49.50?
- Love, Chloe Intense Water : A mixture of iris, heliotropine, fresh flowers and powdery musk reminiscent of perfume talc and rice powder. Chloe, 30 ml, 58?
- Karleidoscope : Chic and shock, floral notes of freesia, patchouli woody and powdery thanks to the violet. Karl Lagerfeld at Sephora, 30 ml, 39?



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