January 31, 2023

Value added mineral water: anecdote

The biography of a source is another good reason to prefer it to another. It is a perfect subject for conversation. Chateldon, for example, was not only the first mineral water exploited in France (in 1650), but is also the one that drank Louis XIV child when he had a stomach ache.
As for the Finé, it is drawn 600 meters under Mount Fuji. This, on the one hand, preserves pollution and, on the other hand, allows you by offering your hosts to start the conversation on your next vacation in Japan.
Remarkably, the source of Iskilde was discovered recently ... in 2002, in Denmark.
Swiss Ogo water contains 35 times more oxygen than others. Its producers even claim that drinking would make it slightly euphoric.
In addition, distant and exotic origins can make traveling. Fast round the world of sources: Voda Voda comes from Serbia, 420 from New Zealand, Acqua Panna from Italy, Agua Serra Da Estrella from Portugal, Kirene from Senegal, Watson Water from China, Masafi from Saudi Arabia, among others .. .

* The site of the Colette store in Paris.

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