August 16, 2022

Vanessa Paradis for Rouge Coco de Chanel: your favorite pub!

You were almost unanimous on the advertising campaign of Chanel and his new lipstick Coconut red. After the perfume ad Chanel N ° 5 following the romantic adventures ofAudrey Tautouit's beautiful Vanessa Paradis which makes the brand win in March 2010.

The French remain faithful to Chanel, according to the APPM, Association for the Promotion of the Magazine Press and Harris Interactive. 74% believe that this is the most successful ad before Club Med unchallengeable for several months with 71.2%.

This advertising is also the most aesthetic for 89.2%, and "the one that makes the most sense" for 76.8% of you.

Vanessa Paradis putting himself lipstick Chanel in a fresh and springtime world, it's also effective because this spot makes you want to buy a product of the brand at 62.5%, and to review the advertising to 62.4%. Goal accomplished for Chanel

Pub - Vanessa Paradis - Rouge Coco [HD] (August 2022)