August 15, 2022

Victoria Beckham: With David they use the same beauty products

Victoria Beckham is a big name in the field of fashion. Beauty question, the ex-singer rarely speaks but also to his little "stuff" of everyday life. And she confided in about her beauty routine. The most crying anecdote of this interview? His metrosexual husband, the ex-footballer David Beckham, uses the same beauty products as her. No, it's not a joke.

"You know, he uses all my Lancer brand products. So, yes we share all our beauty products, "she said to the magazine's reporter. Earlier in the interview, Victoria Beckham claimed to be a follower of the products of Dr. Lancer, a dermatologist she met in Los Angeles and whom she totally trusted. "I do not really use other products than his own."

So what does this beauty routine look like? David Beckham seems to have adopted? "I do it in the simple, with a good cleansing of skin, then a blow of exfoliant, and then I use a nourishing cream which gives really a beautiful hydration. I just do this twice a day. So yes, in view of these revelations, we immediately have the image in mind of the Beckhams, husband and wife, in their bathroom, morning and evening, bickering gently to catch the pot of moisturizing cream on first...

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