April 10, 2021

Victoria's Secret or the perfume inspired by a bra

The busty Adriana Lima, muse of perfume Incredible of Victoria's Secret, came with her girlfriends top models lingerie to present us the little fuchsia pink bottle. But the photographers were mainly interested in the sublime young women and their ultra short and tight dress rather than the fragrant notes of the fragrance.

Adriana Lima, splendid Brazilian who parades for the mark of lingerie, so lent his body to the new perfume of Victoria's Secret. Incredible is incredibly well sold with these weighty arguments, and the anecdote is funny since this perfume is the first of its kind, inscribed with a bra. Incredible is also the name of the brave worn by the beauties of the brand, one of his best sellers.

And this perfume who promises to make us "more sensual, sexier" will boost our morale well before the summer!


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