December 3, 2020

Video Buzz: We found the Lady Gaga of makeup!

We are fans of this pretty girl who is filming in full makeup session. Michelle Phan has more than 25 million clicks on her make up Poker Face video Lady Gaga, a madness that starts to make noise on the Web.

How do you make makeup Lady Gaga, Catwoman, a manga doll, a femme fatale ... With all her makeup tools and makeup skills, this young 23 year old has her blockbuster YouTube channel!

We love her videos to the very particular universe, her sweet voice that shows us all the secrets of make up step by step ... This young American is now known for her talents and the personality of her videos. With over a hundred short clips in just four years, Michelle Phan has reached one million subscribers to her Youtube channel!

Watch his tutorial Lady Gaga :


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