February 29, 2024

Video - Masterchef season 2: the first 3 minutes excluded!

From tonight, food lovers will feast: Masterchefseason 2 starts today. The biggest amateur cooking competition will start from 20:45 on TF1, the opportunity to find the prestigious jury composed of Yves Camdeborde, Sébastien Demorand and Frédéric Anton facing certain candidates.

More than 24,000 postulants have, this year, decided to follow in the footsteps of Anne Alassane, winner of the edition Masterchef 2010. From all over France, they have only one dream: to change their lives and to convert to live their passion, cooking. Of these 24,000 candidates, Sébastien Demorand, Frédéric Anton and Yves Camdeborde have selected 100 all round. It is 100 candidates, at the doors of their dream, will have to compete in exceptional events to stand out. In New York, at the top of the Pic du Midi, on a barge, the amateur candidates will have to be tenacious to reach a level of quasi-professional requirement. At the end, obviously, there will be only one and this lucky winner will not leave empty-handed since his best recipes will be published and he will receive a check for 100,000 euros: enough to motivate vocations and provide a great competition .


Discover the first three minutes of the show:

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