August 16, 2022

Virginie Efira, new star of fashion?

Bimbo but not too much

From the very glittery tray of the New star, the whistling going through the series Off Prime (unfairly shunned by the public, Virginie Efira has always known how to play brilliantly his image bimbo. Blonde, sexy, but not stupid, the actress managed to play on the sexy and self mockery in the series Off Premium, in which she played a narcissistic and hysterical TV host (pleonasm?). Like a Frédérique Bel and her Minute Blonde (already on Canal +) with Virginie Efira, blondes are far from having a chickpea in the chunk.

And if for a long time, the animator & actress wore a casual look (jean, converse), since her stint at the cinema and intensive courses of power plate, the beautiful poster has a wasp waist and thighs steel, she n no longer hesitate to show.

Mini skirt, leather jacket or tailor's jacket and vertiginous stilettos, Virginie Efira found his fashion uniform: sexy, just the right stuff and a little short haircut a bit crispy boy!

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