August 16, 2022

Virgo Horoscope 2011 - Love

Virgo Horoscope 2011: your destiny in love


First trimester : Warning: Jupiter may push you to claim unlimited freedom, and to refuse any effort to ask you to behave responsibly. Such behavior will of course be much more dangerous if you are married for a long time and suddenly decide to offer adventures without considering the possible consequences. If you live alone, the impact of Jupiter on the love will be totally beneficial. It is quite possible that you come across someone who will convince you and with whom you decide to embark on a life of two.

Second trimester : Harmony and pleasure will be on the program of this very promising period! Well in your head, good in your skin, you will be a little less worried, you will not be constantly asking your spouse or partner the eternal question: "Do you still love me?". Thus, the climate in your relationship will be much more relaxed, more fun too. Single, there will be something new in your life! You will have a great chance to make a decisive encounter, which could end with a wedding.

Third trimester : With this astral climate, you will let your imagination beat the campaign, and you will begin to believe that your spouse or partner is deceiving you, while nothing precise will justify these suspicions. In short, everything will happen in your head. Be clear, you will see that it was mostly a storm in a glass of water. If you live alone, Venus will be against you. Some natives will therefore be chaste and happy to be. Others, on the contrary, will accumulate adventures; but it must be admitted that the heart will not be there.

Fourth trimester : Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be based on complicity and cordial agreement. Together, you will make important decisions about your life as a couple, but you will also enjoy moments of pure relaxation. Single, looking at the calendar, you will immediately decide to fall in love because you will not want to miss the time without your heart vibrating. But as you will have little to put in the tooth, you will give your passades the appearance of Racinian tragedies. Do not overdo it anyway, you risk believing in your own propaganda!



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