September 21, 2023

Virgo Horoscope 2015 - Health

Virgo Horoscope 2015 - How will you wear?

First trimester
: Well-being will be at the rendezvous. Indeed, thanks to the euphoric influence of Jupiter, your tendencies to anxiety will be neutralized. Your morale will increase, and even if you had some small health concerns, you will not attach too much importance to it. That said, your back will be somewhat weakened, and you will have to spare it. If necessary, appropriate gymnastics, practiced regularly, would be desirable. On the other hand, small skin problems and some dermatological disorders of greater concern can be treated effectively.
Second trimester You will have a lot of courage, and you will overcome your fears. This will allow you to tackle your minor health problems straight up. And if you have to undergo tests a little painful but essential, you will have them done as soon as possible instead of postponing them. In short, nothing to report general health.
Third trimester : Tonus and dynamism will be at the rendezvous. At the beginning of the period, especially, the defense mechanisms of your organization will be very effective and will allow you to successfully resist seasonal diseases. In addition, you will have excellent morale, and you will be less subject to stress and anxiety disorders.
Fourth trimester : Fragile, you? Not really. Rather rock-solid, who is not used to attending doctors or pharmacists. Be wary though, as Neptune's presence in the health sector of your theme could affect your tone. Take good care of yourself !

VIRGO Health (September 2023)