January 26, 2021

Virtual coaches sport, slimming, fitness: the program Your Shape on Wii and XBox 360 with Kinect

The principle
These are interactive fitness sessions guided by a coach, which are played via a console and a television to build and slim down at home. Different disciplines are available to have a coach and a coaching program. form adapted to its objectives. How? A camera is able to see you, to recognize you, to record, to analyze your movements in 3D and to display you on the screen: it's like training in front of a mirror. No need for a tray or joystick!

The test
The installation is easy and the astonishment is total when we finally see each other on the screen.
We register our silhouette in different positions and we provide via the console a questionnaire on our sports habits which leads to a test but also to suggestions when parts of our body to work! The machine then released a turnkey program based on these information, thematic according to the days: cardio, lower body etc ... During the sessions, just mimic the movements of the virtual coach who can intervene if one do not do them correctly!

Strong point
Undeniably a major technological advance rather successful and very motivating.

Weakness : still it is necessary to light it! Risk of tendency to abandon the program ...

Ideal for overworked athletes who do not want to reduce their training frequency, it is also a perfect equipment for those who want to start or recover sport ! Very playful it will please those who sport bored.
(149? The Kinect, pack XBox + Kinext 299, and approx.50? The game)
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, Kinect Sports Dance and additional content such as the Challenge Calorie Pack or the Nivea Program with 6 new exercises have been released recently.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved Xbox 360 Sports Outdoors (January 2021)