July 5, 2020

Voices of women: The P'tites who piaffe

of the songs by women, for the women : this is what the authors of this compilation have looked for while browsing the opus of the French female scene. They were not disappointed by falling on Pauline Croze. Committed, militant, this one often denounces in its words the society with male domination. With Hungry Youth, it extends its challenge to the media and commercial system, which conditions young buyers.
About questioning: Samantha Grassian, singer, songwriter and composer of Pandora, wonders in Plume and anvil if she has to listen to commercials asking her to eat or those requiring her to stay slim.
Very literary, striking for sure, Maudite Clochette de Juliette depicts a servant harassed and humiliated by her mistress, who ends up killing her.

These singers also know how to make laughing. Thus, the small neighbor of Jeanne Cherhal, taken from his last album (Twelve times a year), is most laughable: lazy, molasson, profiteer and lost ... student, what!
Another funny portrait: in Fafa is stingy, the girlfriend of Cristine is really unbearable.
When Caroline Thomas, envious of the charm of exotic girls, she serves tea ibiscus in the lotus position, but do not forget that "it's not very good and it hurts."
They also know how to gently invite us into their worlds, telling us about what affects them. Thus, Olivia Ruiz sings her Little fable, extracted from her first album, I do not like love. Written by the Weepers Circus, this song is a metaphor for his success in 2001 at Star Academy, which revealed it to the general public.
Dedicated by Blueberry to her son, Little Man is one of songs the most beautiful of his album, Whispering, in which she skilfully mixes folk music and Brazilian Bossa.
And even if you speak frankly, Christine Moreau, from Z.E.F., does not hesitate to ask "love me, please" ... pretty, but curious phrase.

Not to mention the other singers present on this album : Daphne, D'Elph, Oshen, Marjolaine, Françoiz Breut, Les chamots, Lili Cros, Sarah Olivier, Magnolia, Rose and Noire, Zaniboni and Caroline Thomas.

P'tites Piaffent, Special Productions, 18.90?

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