February 22, 2020

Walking: find the right pace

There is no point in running, you have to start
The famous saying of La Fontaine does not believe so well. If the idea of ​​chaining 30 to 90 minutes of running, without an eyebrow seduces us, in fact, difficult to hold on over time. The explanation? It is not always easy to find time several times a week to run. And above all, we are not all born joggers. If the idea of ​​one day being able to race The Parisian tempts you, without collapsing after 5 minutes, we recommend walking.
There is no such thing as walking regularly to gradually prepare your body for running, without traumatizing it, and you will be forever disgusted with the discipline at the same time. Another reason to fall for walking is one of the hottest activities of the moment. It does not cost anything and allows to practice a sport between girlfriends, keeping the possibility to chat (a little) and have fun. So put on your shoes sport !
The good rhythm?
More intense than the lambda we take to get to the coffee machine, walking, to be effective, must be an effort. Concretely, the pace must be fast enough (between 7 and 9 km / h approximately) to increase the frequency of our heart rate and force the body to draw on its reserves. Even if you do not finish completely sweaty, walking is still sport. As proof, a good brisk walking session (30 minutes) burns as many calories as jogging. Its main advantage is that it is less intense for the body than the jogging and do not leave behind terrible pains.
When we have already taken the lead, we can enhance the exercise by inserting small sequences of race (2 to 5 minutes). Gradually, the body will learn to move in space and regulate the breath to last the length. With experience, we can, if we wish, move to the race as such. But many active walkers continue at this more natural pace.
Step by step
When you do not have the opportunity to keep a good 30 minutes in a row for an active session, you can still trade his stilettos for a pair of flat shoes and go to the office, our appointments or shopping sessions on foot, forcing a little pace. For those who have to walk frequently, forcing the pace with each effort, we can walk actively, even in 5 minutes and see the effects on the body. Because, casually, we are in the effort without realizing it and without necessarily wasting time.

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