June 23, 2024

Washable diapers: is it better for baby and the planet?

Baby side

You must know that babies' skin is soft but also very fragile. Repetitive changes, contact with urine and stools often cause diaper rash. It depends on the babies but washable diapers made of natural materials (bamboo, hemp more absorbent and antibacterial) have saved some bad episodes.
Moms are also often aware by comparing washable and disposable diapers that escape stories are less common with first ones. Indeed, to avoid overflow, is added to the layer and the waterproof panties an absorbent liner or a protective paper web. It is thrown after use in the toilet with the stool it contains. Yes washable diapers have nothing to do with the panties of yesteryear. Today they close by pressure or scratches and easily adjust to the morphology of your baby.
Finally it is understood that the disposable diaper has the advantage of quickly absorbing urine so that your baby stays dry longer. No comparative study has come to prove it scientifically but experience shows that little ones who wore washable diapers were clean faster. Why ? Because they felt more quickly the unpleasant sensation of being wet. The pot becomes the solution.

Planet side

Every baby between 0 and 2 years old produces about 500 kilos of waste, knowing that each of its disposable diapers will take about 500 years to degrade. And not to mention the production that involves the destruction of millions of trees and chemical waste. A not very ecological approach.
If putting washable diapers on your baby is more respectful of the environment, what about all the laundry needed to clean the five to seven diapers daily? It's a reputation that often discourages moms. This main disadvantage can be counterbalanced by good organization. Buy a bucket where you can store the diapers. In this way, they will have already soaked and you can use a low temperature program on your washing machine.
Thanks to Catherine Piraud-Rouet, author of "Mother Planet" (Marabout).

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