July 3, 2020

Wataï: a new atmosphere game for the whole family

Wild parties for the whole family

In this Thu of atmosphere, players must make stacks of cards to get rid of their "heel" as quickly as possible and shout WATAAAIIII! Wataï is a Thu where liveliness and responsiveness are the key words.

Play your cards, as much and as fast as you can, to complete the stacks of cards in the center of the table according to their numbers and their colors ... Have the eye and the agile hand because your opponents play on the same terrain as you and at the same time as you!
As soon as a round is over, you have to count the points and begin the next game. Attention: The eight-sided die will change the rules and your score to each and every one. The first to get rid of his heel of thirteen Cree Watai cards.

Two references Wataï blue and Wataï green complement each other to amuse up to eight players.
2 to 4 players
2 to 8 with both versions of Thu
Recommended price: around 20 euros
Content per box:
4 packs of 55 cards
1 die to 8 faces
1 rule of Thu
1 bag

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