June 13, 2024

Watch Amanda Seyfried and her Crazy Horse short haircut!

Wow! But where does such a hair makeover come from? The young actress Amanda Seyfried, which we will see in Red riding hood, a new adaptation of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, has changed dramatically. Why such hairstyle ? You probably remember that the actress usually has long curly hair, golden blond ... Well here it is square cut redhead with a bang with Crazy Horse!

Do not panic, the beautiful does not prepare a show at the Moulin Rouge, she did not cut her hair on a whim. Amanda Seyfried will leave the styleshort hair and will soon find her hair curly blond and long.

This hairstyle was made for the needs of a shoot! The pretty girl with short hair show the square cut redhead for the movie "Now" she is currently shooting in Los Angeles. Phew, we are reassured!

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