December 1, 2021

We all want a magic remover

It all began several years ago with Sephora. The brand launched the first solvent bath on the French market. However, despite the idea of ​​genius that constituted this new product, the mayonnaise did not take right away. And then with the foolish polish, there was a click in beauty addicts become nailistas. We then all rushed on this magical product that almost makes the dissolving chore like a letter to La Poste. Since this dissolving bath has made small, at Bourjois first with the Miraculous Remover or with Nocibé with Solvent Bath, the latest of what can now be called a trend.

If the dissolving patches, they have never taken, these baths are unanimous. And they deserve their magical or miraculous name. Before them, removing varnish was downright cotton. Now, just plunge your fingernail in it, wait a few seconds (by turning your finger or not, it depends), remove and here, the varnish is the trunk! No headaches, the nail is completely clean. We love.

Small downside however: the solvent in these baths is a little too strong for fragile nails that will use them in moderation.

Solvent Bath, Nocibé, 7,90?
Miraculous Remover, Bourjois, 8,70 ?.
Express Dissolving Bath, Sephora, 7,90 ?.

Magic Remover Removing Madam Glam Gel Polish & No Filing First (December 2021)