August 14, 2022

We fall in love with Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal Fresh Anti-Puff Gel

When Yves Rocher promises to light up your eyes and moisturize your eye contour with a miracle product without parabens and no silicone, we do not know about you but we at GirlsFromMainStreet, we raise our heads and listen, ultra-interested.

And yes, it must be admitted, the daily can be hard sometimes, and if we love to play the one that displays a fresh complexion in all circumstances and a sparkling look all day long, it is clear that, how to say there are mornings where you wake up with pockets the length of Route 66. Which of course seems to us 1) unfair, 2) too bad, 3) irreparable. So like everyone else, we put cucumbers on the eyes, we pass a moistened cotton saying that the cold water will give a boost to our eyes, but nothing does not. And, between us, the cucumber is not very practical (as long as you try to dress in parallel to save time, there is a chance on two for it to end badly and that premium cucumber is make the trunk).

But oh miracle, Yves Rocher is here ! In its new range Hydra Végétal, the Creator of Botanical Beauty has thought to provide a Anti-Puff Fresh Gel, which simply saves us life. In a small tube, very practical because it can be carried everywhere, this gel melts on contact with the skin and leaves a feeling of freshness that is a good crazy. It penetrates the skin instantly, which is very useful when you want to make up after, and deeply moisturizes. The result is bluffing: in a few minutes the pockets fade, the look is like new, lit and awake. A renewable miracle every day! She is not beautiful life?

The most that convinces us: Because'Yves Rocher is always at the forefront when it comes to cosmetics, this fresh gel is made without paraben and without silicone and is enriched with vegetable sap hydrocaptrices. These allow optimal hydration of the eye contour. Understand: even at the end of the day, your eyes are top (the traces of mascara or pencil flowing do not count!).

Fresh Anti-Puff Gel, Laboratories Yves Rocher. 15ml tube. Launch price (13th to 26th of May 2013): 7.50 euros. Price price: 13 euros.

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