January 24, 2021

Wedding cake: what to avoid not to do too kitsch

Find original figurines
The figurines enthroned above the cake of wedding are often kitsch and sometimes bad taste. Finish the nerdy and stuck couple, they become funny and modern. Married pregnant mixed race, now the figures are original and contemporary as on the site Wedding original.

Opt for a design cake
The mounted piece of cabbages is considered cheesy. This is normal when the bride and groom want to make originality by ordering a boat or a carriage. But today, pastry chefs offer a plethora of pieces mounted macaroons with flavors ideal with coffee and acid colors.

The wedding cakes, those seen in American movies in the 90s, were often very extravagant with a very deco (ribbons, diamonds, columns ...). Today, they are more sober and more elegant with a white frosting and some flowers in sugar paste.

A tip: if you're not good at baking, do not try to make your own cake of wedding.

Avoid the overflow of decorations
The bride and groom want to personalize their cake. In the shape of a soccer ball or motorcycle, why not! Provided you do not overdo it. If you are passionate about vampire or Star Wars, try to moderate your desires. Do not fall into the pot of dyes or confuse the sugar dough with the play dough. Then it's a matter of taste because your cake must also be in your image.

But just avoid: the printed picture of you on vacation on your cake of wedding ! Number one of ridicule!

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How to Assemble a Wedding Cake | Wedding Cakes (January 2021)