May 30, 2020

Wedding list: instructions for use

An idea of ​​genius!
The question that some of you are asking yourself: why a list of wedding ? The answer is simple: it avoids you to receive mountains of useless gifts, not to your taste, or duplicate (8 plates will not do the weight against 36 forks!). An undeniable boost for you, therefore, but also for your guests. Thanks to this list, you make it easy for them! They no longer need to dig their heads to choose between porcelain and faience, gold plated or solid silver, off-white or beige, classic or art deco: you have already made your choices, they just have to put the sum they desire. Practical and effective!

An imperative: to go in time!
Another question that teases you: when to file your list of wedding ? It is usually recommended to do it just before sending the announcements, about four months before the big day. Guests tend to make their gift soon enough, often to have more choices. A tip: if you have opted for multiple stores, drop the lists at the same time. Your desires and ideas evolve over the months? No worries, you can add or remove the items of your choice when you are good ...

What to put in your list?
Furniture, complete housewife, table service design or basic, cutlery, glasses, matching table linen, trendy objects: your tastes, your colors and even your fads must be on your list. Classic, practical, original or modern, this selection of items will be found soon in your living room, your closets and throughout your home, so take your time when choosing them ...

Do not forget to linger at the household appliance department and crack for machines that will make your life as a bride easy! And because the lists of wedding evolve over the years, you can now afford everything ... honeymoon, designer clothes, plasma screen latest generation, concert tickets, sports equipment, art objects, car: go crazy and let free- short to your desires!

The right thing to do: provide a wide range of prices. Indeed, your guests do not all have the same budget and your distant friends will not spend as much as your close family. So, do not force your hand with a list too expensive. Another good reason to diversify your list: it encourages less personal gifts, sometimes useless or unwanted ...

Where to put it?
Not always easy to navigate among all the proposed formulas! The most popular: to address a group of stores that bring together several brands and thus allow a very wide and diversified choice. You fell for a small independent shop? A tip: still plan a list in the department store for those who do not live in your city. Finally, specialized sites abound on the Internet, do not hesitate to go take a look!

Little tip: if financing your wedding leave you a little on the straw, why not open a bank account as a list? A very good solution to start your married life without bothering you ... or angry your banker!
Among the major addresses, you will find the Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Conforama, Fnac, Ikea, Cambray brothers, Habitat ... On the web, some sites like //,, / /, // or // offer you very good services.

A decisive step: make your list known!
This is to prevent guests without seeming interested or too insistent ... It's up to you to see how to proceed. While some do not go out of their way and mention their list on their announcement, others prefer to give the information directly to their close friends and families and rely on them to get the message across ... Other solution : if you have created a blog to give all the information about your wedding, include them on your list. Whatever happens, do not worry: most guests will have the reflex to pick up their phone or connect to their inbox to inquire with you or other concerned people. The list of wedding being a long-standing tradition, few people will forget it!

Do not forget to thank!
Last step after the wedding this time: the thanks! Do not forget to say a few appreciative words to all your guests, generous or not ... The extra tip: personalize these messages as much as possible. Difficult, certainly, when several hundred guests were present for the big day. But after all, it's partly thanks to them that your dream came true, right?

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