January 31, 2023

Wedding Menu: The Top 10 Questions to Ask

What is my budget?
Before anything else determine your budget for the meal! This is essential because you will know immediately what you can claim.

To whom will I entrust the realization of the menu?
Do not go at the last minute. Start the search 7 or 8 months before the big day. Ask about your relatives, they may have some leads for you. What are the caterers near the place of wedding ? What are they proposing, what are their prices? Set up a short-list and ask for a quote from the latest competing caterers. The tasting will help you decide.

Theme wedding or classic wedding? What formula will it fit?
Your caterer will propose several formulas: buffet, sit-down or mixed meal (if you have more than 200 people). If the meal is seated think it will require servers, make sure their presence is included in the package.

How to present the menu?
The menu may be presented at the entrance of the reception area, but also on the tables and even at the location of each guest, it will be remembered.

Among the guests, do some suffer from intolerance?
Do some of my guests have allergies, are they vegetarians? Does their religion constrain them to a particular diet? To avoid having their stomachs in their heels ask them to inform you if there is anything to warn your caterer.

How many dishes?
You will probably choose between 2 and 3 dishes. In general 2, namely input + meat or fish are enough. Try to compose as much as possible menu varied and balanced. For example, fish or seafood as input, meat for dish.

Which wines?
It is customary to accompany red meat and red wine cheese, starter and white wine fish. So that the note does not reach peaks, provide yourself after a wine shop or in a supermarket ... Arrange a bottle of wine for 3 guests, 1 of champagne for 4.

Should we pause?
It is good to take a break to digest. This is where lemon sorbet, lemon / basil ... comes in. Your guests will appreciate its freshness.

What dessert?
The piece mounted is not an obligation, however it is still highly expected of guests ... You are not very small sprouts, think of replacing them with macaroons, or opt for a wedding cake, very trendy. You prefer originality, ask for a buffet of desserts.

A buffet for after?
The evening will certainly be long. A buffet will allow your guests to rehydrate between two wild dances or even to calm small cravings.


Wedding Food Tasting Tips! 6 Questions You Must Ask! (January 2023)