December 9, 2019

Wedding of Charlene Wittstock and Albert of Monaco: Charlotte Casiraghi, discreet and elegant for her uncle's wedding!

She is one of the emblematic figures of the Principality of Monaco ... Beautiful, rich, famous, and especially refined, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco has never failed! And once again on this historic day, which is marked by the union of his uncle, Albert II of Monaco with the South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock, the lovely Charlotte was once again unanimous.

Arrive at the palace with his longtime lover, Alex Dellal, the princess of modern times has offered us a breath of fresh air, while preserving its natural grace, which probably comes from his famous grandmother, the American actress Grace Kelly.

In her little pale pink ruffle, sublimated with precious buttons and a wide collar, which reveals her shoulders like the bride of the day, Charlotte has shown a lot of style. No extravagance, except for her veiled headband that falls nicely on her face, put in during princely weddings, just like the fox or other hats.
A look so successful for Charlotte ... And for good reason, just like her mother, she trusted Karl Lagerfeld, present for the princess wedding, and at home Chanel to shine.

We are under the spell, do not you ?!

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Charlotte Casiraghi at the Prince Albert II and Charlene's Wedding (December 2019).