October 5, 2022

Wedding: what hairstyle for my face?

Released hair ? Braids? Hair bun ? Hard to pick the hairstyle ideal for his wedding. Because, very often, the future brides take the opportunity to experiment new capillary experiences, that they would not allow themselves habitually. Some data, however, must be taken into consideration before any final choice. Like the shape of the face. Christine Margossian, L'Oréal Professionnel hairdresser ambassador, gives us some precious advice, to be sure of not being mistaken. hairstyle. And be the most beautiful for the day J.

1. I have oval face: What luck ! This form of face can do anything. The bride has carte blanche concerning the hairstyle. High bun, low bun, braid, loose hair. Everything is allowed. The trend this year, however, remains the wavy and braided crown.

2. I have a round face: the goal here: to lengthen the face. To do this, opt for a hairstyle with volume. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, adding volume in your hair will not bring out your cheeks but give the illusion that they are less "petite". Another tip: avoid flattening your hair on the sides.

3. I have the square face:
it is necessary here to blur the angles and soften the face. To do this, it is necessary, as for the round faces, to create volume. You can also play on the locks of hair that surround the face, giving them a slight plunging effect, which will break the angular sides of your pretty face.

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