June 9, 2023

Wednesday cooking: how to make children eat vegetables

The vegetables it's green, it's weird, their tastes are sometimes strong and their aspects less appetizing than the eternal shell-ham. Yes, but vegetables it is important, full of vitamins, trace elements and fibers useful for their organism and their growth. So to make people eat vegetableswe cunning, we threaten. It's pretty painful, is not it? If all fat and sweet products do not need anything to please our kids, vegetables need to be tamed. And if you involved him in the choice of fruits and vegetables ? I do not talk in the supermarket but in the market or better yet, farm-picking near you. Not only will it give you a nice family outing, but you will also show your children how they grow. vegetables that they dread so much. They will learn to recognize and pick up vegetables that they will prepare the afternoon. And that does not spoil anything, your products will necessarily be in season.
Vary the colors and marry the tastes
As we are always eating with more energy than we have taken time to prepare, invest your children in peeling, cutting and assembling the ingredients. And yes, when we are all proud to have made a dish, even with vegetablesit is easier to taste it. But to be sure to fly every time, it is necessary to marry the tastes, to vary the colors and especially to make amusing presentations. Eating spinach becomes easier if they make up an adorable clown head with egg and olive eyes, a small ketchup mouth and a ham tongue. Be creative, make fish, people, princesses or animals in vegetables.
Enter a contract
It is important to explain to children the importance of eating a little vegetables and make a contract: every dish has to be tasted! If the child does not like, do not insist too much either. The taste is educated, changes constantly. If your child does not like fruit a year, he may be happy to eat the following year. The important thing is to vary the food as much as possible so that it refuses nothing categorically.

How to eat vegetables without noticing (June 2023)