June 10, 2023

Week dedicated to tasting fresh fruits and vegetables

Thursday, March 13, Interfel presents the 4th edition of Fraîch'attitude Week. This week dedicated to the tasting of fruits and of vegetables fees will run from May 28 to June 8. The objective of this new edition will be to recall that "the fruits and vegetables fresh is above all pleasure and a lot of taste. "In total, nearly 28,000 actions are planned.

The public squares of the big cities will host around twenty events organized in partnership with professionals from the sector fruits and vegetableslike producers, cooperatives, wholesalers and specialized traders. They will offer tastings of fruits and of vegetables fresh.

Throughout the duration of the operation, the professionals will endeavor to make consumers aware of the need to give priority to fruits and vegetables in season, often better and cheaper. They will also recall the importance of pleasure and taste in learning to "eat well".

Note, some school canteens will develop special menus for the Fraîch'attitude Week, developed with 10 fruits and vegetables fresh. Tastings are also planned in many high schools, colleges and primary schools in France.

In the last edition, the operation reached 5 million people.

Website: www.semainefraichattitude.com

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