May 29, 2023

Weekend Special: 7 tips for a successful barbecue party!

I cook in advance
In order to make the most of your guests, get ahead! In the afternoon, cut the peppers in slices, simmer homemade sauces ... Reserve in bowls and place them in the refrigerator. You will only have to leave them when the time comes. Make also skewers of meatbut also fish and fruits. Prepare some sweets. Also install the barbecueset the table and put the bottles cool. It only remains to wait for your friends!

Multiply the flavors
Forget them skewers from the supermarket, bland and uninviting. Look for pork bones, chicken wings or duck aiguillettes instead. And add some cold cuts to pick them up. For example, bard your chicken with a slice of bacon. For more taste, make marinades. Also add spices and herbs such as mint, coriander, basil, oregano, thyme.

Shellfish and crustaceans
It's not just the meat in life ! Forget your skewers and think of seafood like prawns or shrimp. Indulge sweet and sour lovers by alternating shrimps and diced pineapple or prawns and mango quarters. Cook also scallops, always appreciated for their refinement. If necessary, enhance their flavor with slices of chorizo. And do not forget the fleur de sel on scallops to sharpen the taste buds of your friends. Finally, think of fish like salmon or monkfish that are resistant to cooking.

Marinades, sauces and company
To give relief and flavor to your grill, simmer different marinades. For example, mix soy sauce, honey and coriander. Namely: Honey is both a meat than a fish. By the way, do not forget the cold sauces. Prepare a bearnaise or a bourguignonne for lovers of meat. And a lighter sauce with yoghurt and mint to accompany vegetables. Finally, on a corner of the table, put the mayonnaise and ketchup, always so popular.

Exoticism, when you hold us!
Place to exoticism and its exotic flavors! Squeeze lemons to make a marinade, use coconut milk to soften a sauce, and raise your dishes with a touch of pepper. Feel free to stitch your skewers on a dragon fruit or a pineapple cut in half. Sprinkle your skewers spices such as ginger, garam massala, curry, etc. As an accompaniment, plan a mashed potato puree. And for dessert, serve a flambé banana with rum or salad exotic fruits and a scoop of coconut ice cream.

What accompaniment?
With grilled dishes, offer a braised potato with a cream-chive sauce. Serve semolina, fragrant rice, Provençal tomatoes, vegetables, gratin or ratatouille. Also opt for salads refreshing blue cheese-walnuts or lettuce-citrus. Suggest a tabbouleh or a salad chickpeas. And if your guests swear by chips, offer them chips of vitelottes or wasabi for more originality.

I want some candy !
For dessert, plan braised fruits. Give your guests some sheets of aluminum foil and ask them to make banana-chocolate wrappers. In addition, it's fun. Vary the flavors by cooking quarters of mango, melon, apple or apricots. For grown-ups, suggest flambé bananas. And for the little ones, skewers fresh fruit will be perfect. Finally, end your evening with skewers marshmallows, to melt on the barbecue and soak in melted chocolate for the greediest!

How to Throw & Host a Large Party or Barbecue- Just a Few Tips and Tricks (May 2023)