December 1, 2021

Weight Watchers: elected the easiest diet to follow!

Is this one of the side effects of the holiday season and the making of good resolutions? While sports club subscriptions are experiencing peak attendance early in the year, Weight Watchers' new weight loss program is also experiencing a spike in attendance and online research. Elected by the US News and World Report online magazine on diet the easiest to follow, in front of the diet Jenny Craig (whose new muse is none other than Mariah Carey), the diet Mediterranean (or Cretan), the diet Slim-Fast and the diet Volumetrics, the Weight Watchers program stands out from the competition by a different model. Just one more diet, the Weight Watchers Points Program is dedicated to relearning women and men to eat well.

A new slogan, a new state of mind but also a new muse, Amel Bent, who gave us an interview in which she explains how she lost weight and relearned her body.

Rediscover here the interview of Amel Bent

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