October 5, 2022

Weleda, a space dedicated to the natural and the well-being

The place :
The pioneering brand in natural cosmetics opened its multi-sensory space in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The decor is bright, colorful, toned and serene. A large bay window, framed by stripes bayadères, alongside elements of light wood, armchairs in acid colors, a green wall, a fountain and stone sculptures (Menhir style).
The treatment cabin is in the same spirit: spacious, warm, lit by soft lights.

Care :
Emeline, the masseuse, offers me different protocols: serenity, thinness, vitality, relaxation ... I choose the massage "Harmony of the senses", accompanied by the oil with the rose and a corresponding lighting, in pink light -bluish . Emeline's slow, gentle gestures accompany my breathing. I relax and let myself go to the delights of massage!
The result is a "youthfulness and firmness" facial massage with the rose hip care line. Emeline does not proceed by stretching the skin, but rather by light and gentle pressure of the phalanges, to plump my tired skin.

Most :
- The space offers baby massage workshops in small groups of 5 to 10 people.
- Here, no music of waves and shouts of seagulls. Everything is done to fully enjoy the sensations of massage. But it is possible to bring your own CD.

Convenient :
35 minutes: 49?
10 avenue Franklin Roosvelt - 75008 Paris
Such. : 01 53 96 06 15

Sandrine Brasse

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Happy husband after Weleda Skin Food application during the flight! (October 2022)