June 25, 2022

What Christmas menu for a romantic dinner?

Avoid trapping products
Whether it's your first Galante Gala dinner or you've decided to play the seduction card after 20 years together, there's only one word: the dream. In short, do not rest on your laurels because you caught it in your nets and banish risky products from your table: too much of a meal, dish heavy to digest, salad that remains between the teeth, cheese more than refined, vegetables likely to cause metabolic reactions that will not be mentioned here ... In short, make sure that you can both leave the table satiated but light. Do we ever know what can happen after ...

For a meal festive romantic, take out your apron gourmet gourmette with ...
Entrance : flambéed prawns with cognac, scallops with chestnut purée, foie gras toasts and raspberry chutney or langoustines with champagne sabayon.
Dish : Sauterne lobster, stuffed quail, passion fruit lobster tails, honey pork tenderloin or poached turbo with morel mushrooms and zucchini tagliatelle.
Dessert : red fruit tiramisu, ginger creme brulee, chocolate / orange fondant, naughty apple / gingerbread verrines or white rum truffles.

The idea of ​​the chef!
To finish putting the beloved at his feet, follow this menu 100% romantic Sabine Paris, author of Recipes of Eve (Larousse Albums): mesclun salad with scallops and chorizo, grilled lobster and mangos or tournedos Rossini and finish in apotheosis with a citrus salad and its honey tiles.

4 Romantic Dinners For Date Night (June 2022)