July 5, 2020

What is a free couple?

To be a free couple ... not to have to engage?

Eternal teenager who wants to have fun, woman too often disappointed who no longer wants to suffer, "handicapped" feeling that can not attach ... All these lovers a little "out of the ordinary" have a common point They love love but not exclusivity. More or less consciously, they choose to form free couples.

The advantage?

Enjoy the tenderness and presence of the other, but without having to project, get involved, or share the pangs of everyday life. No shopping on Saturdays, lunch with the in-laws on Sunday noon, arguments about cleaning or dishwashing: you only share the good times. Finally, no account to be rendered: the free cup shares certain moments and separates for others, without guilt. Other bodies, other beds, other smiles, everything is allowed.

Disadvantage ?

Difficult to make projects together and establish mutual trust so dear to classical couples. Mister is unreachable, returns late or disappears for several days? He has the right. Madam does not know where she will spend the next night, receives naughty text or is beautiful for another appointment? Normal, it's in the contract. Unthinkable for jealous, possessive lovers who place fidelity at the center of everything.

To be a free couple ... to save his couple?

For other couples, the "freedom of the body" does not prevent the osmosis of the hearts. And this radical solution seems to be the perfect compromise to save a declining love. When the story lasts for years, the desire is not necessarily at the rendezvous. To be mistaken without having to leave each other, some make the choice to "liberate" one another.

Go elsewhere, satisfy your needs, test your power of seduction, vibrate again, then go home, find his half, the heart (and body) lighter. These tolerated betrayals make it possible not to sink into routine, boredom, lassitude, all without having to lie, hide or be hurt.

Attention danger !

The joys of celibacy combined with happiness in love: the ideal solution? Yes, but not for everyone. The free pair implies a very strong pact and perfectly accepted by both halves. A chronic polygamist or compulsive unfaithful can not impose this way of life on a lonely lover wisely waiting for them at home. Out of the question, too, to embark on this kind of contract "for want of something better", so as not to lose half of it or because it threatens to leave us.

If the free couple assumes and blossoms in this "dissolute" life, it also takes many risks. Falling in love with a new conquest, badly withstand this competition at all times, do not agree on the frequency or duration of the "adventures" of the other, evolve differently when one of them ends up wanting to to "ask" or when a desire Of children ... The libertinage has certainly advantages, but it is far from being a game of child. Impose (and impose!) The limits that your heart supports: when the great love knocks on the door, you have the right to want to lock!

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