June 9, 2023

What is lymphoma?

When a person has lymphoma, their lymphatic system can no longer organize immune defenses efficiently enough. The lymph, this white fluid like water, composed in particular of white blood cells, the B and T lymphocytes, is filtered by the lymph nodes so that they stop bacteria, viruses and suspicious elements but also by the spleen, the spinal marrow bone, tonsils and thymus. The lymph runs all over the body and all the organs. This is why lymphoma can reach both lymph nodes and organs.

What is lymphoma, exactly?

Lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes can not be made normally. The manufacture of abnormal lymphocytes leads to the production of abnormal cells. Cancerous lymphocytes multiply faster than non-cancerous lymphocytes, or live longer.
The most common lymphoma is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, as opposed to Hodgkin's lymphoma or disease from Hodgkin. In Hodgkin lymphoma, specific abnormal cells called Reed Stenberg cells develop.
The first symptom of lymphoma is most often a tumor, which can develop in particular at the site of lymph nodes. Fever, recurrent cough, significant weight loss can also be revealing. To make the diagnosis of lymphoma, it is necessary to make a biopsy, an analysis from a sample on a lymph node or the affected organ.


The possible treatments for lymphoma are based on the nature of the lymphoma and the degree of progression of the Cancer. As part of the disease of Hodgkin, chemotherapy or even radiotherapy to complete chemotherapy are required. In case of relapse, a second chemotherapy or autologous stem cell transplantation (autologous bone marrow transplant) may be prescribed. In non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological therapy are used individually or in combination. If the Cancer is well located, the chances of recovery are high. If the Cancer is more diffuse, the chances of recovery are slimmer but that does not mean that the chances of survival are short.

Our advice
To be reached Cancer, or have a loved one with a Cancermeans that a big change of life will have to be put in place. The treatment is long, sometimes difficult, the psychological implications and the anxiety are important but also the economic consequences. It is essential to understand the type of lymphoma involved and what treatment will be used. You will team up with your doctor and a bond of trust is an essential factor.

How Lymphoma Develops (June 2023)