December 1, 2021

What men love in bed: naughty scenarios galore

Sexy disguises

Sexy nurse, naughty secretary, student naughty or naughty stewardess: the fantasies of men are going well. A few accessories, a touch of make-up, phrases and inspired slits and your jules will have before him the creature of his dreams!
But these gentlemen are also entitled to certain outfits. Heavy firefighter, vicious teacher or tactile doctor: once in the skin of the character, he will be unrecognizable!
Exciting situations

Sending in the air on the floor, on the edge of a table or standing, against the wall or a door. The common point of all these places: they are outside the marriage bed! Men like to get their foot in every corner of the house, occasionally trying out sexual positions kamasutra.

Make love in an elevator. He, you, a closed place, a sudden and irrepressible desire! You only have a few minutes or seconds to frolic, it will have to improvise and do it quickly, very quickly!

Make love in public, in the street, a train, a plane. The allure of the forbidden, playing with fire, failing to get caught, they love! A good adrenaline rush, some legs in the air more or less accomplished and some frights later: your man is thrilled.
Fun and exciting activities!

Playing with the food, their moms told them it was wrong, and yet they love it! Be blindfolded or blindfold their partner and indulge in tastings a little ... particular, nothing like to put a man in appetite!

A good erotic massage before moving on to serious things, he does not say no! Your man lets himself be caressed, palpate and knead by your expert hands, in a subdued and sensual atmosphere. Gradually, his desire goes up, until he gets up and takes control ... The rest is ... private!

Your man would have dreamed of being a movie star, but since Hollywood seems to be able to do without him, he decided to go behind the camera ... Filming your antics is his new passion. Maybe a way to fulfill one of his fantasies: to play the voyeur director ...

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