August 16, 2022

What menu if I sometimes suffer from cramps?

The opinion of the nutritionist
When doing sport, there can be a significant loss of mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, sodium) via sweat. It is this loss of mineral salts combined with that of water that can cause the appearance of cramps. Several other factors can also play as aggravating causes: overweight, high temperature (the hotter the weather, the more dehydration is important and the greater the risk of cramps), our state of fatigue, the abuse of coffee or alcohol. use of defective equipment (for example, worn running shoes). If the effort required exceeds the physical capabilities of the moment, it can also cause cramps.
Before our sessions sportyou have to pay attention to the supply of mineral salts. Our food being already very (if not too much) rich in salt, apart from the important efforts of more than three hours, one is not likely to miss it. We must instead monitor calcium and magnesium and focus on whole foods rather than refined ones. This will ensure the consumption of whole grains, pasta or rice for example. We will also turn to oleaginous fruits: every day, we add to the menu 15 to 20 g of almonds and hazelnuts. And we choose mineral waters that fill the lack of magnesium and potassium: Courmayeur, Saint Amand or Hepar. Be careful, the latter having a laxative effect, we do not drink more than a quarter of a liter a day. For more efficiency, it is better to alternate the waters.
* Thanks to Corinne Peirano, dietician-nutritionist in private practice, //

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