August 12, 2020

What paper to choose to make his curls?

According to your cooking methods

For cooking microwave, it is better to use parchment paper. It is also easy to use and it is also very cheap. Regarding cooking barbecueit is advisable to bring aluminum foil. Beware, however, the aluminum has a disadvantage of size: it can give a metallic taste to the food contained in the foil, especially if they are acidic. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to pass it in the microwave at the risk of seeing sparks gush out. Finally, for cooking at stove, get the crystal paper. It closes easily and allows you to monitor the cooking of your food without having to open the foil. An undeniable asset!

For a more aesthetic presentation

To impress your friends, take them out silicone ! Their bright colors will delight the eyes of your guests. Another advantage: these silicone utensils are reused to infinity. Similarly, they allow ultra-fast cooking in the microwave and do not require folding or greasing. All good! Last deco tip: do not hesitate to use banana leaves or fig leaves to make your curls. To drop directly on the table. Bluffing effect guaranteed!

For the most greedy

Small wolverines will appreciate the trick ... Leaves of vines, cabbage, brick or even filo paste can indeed be used as papillote papers. For a gourmet and appetizing result!

For specialists

Know that there is a special papillote paper. Made in celluloseHe is very appreciated by the great chefs who do not hesitate to recommend it. Because it contains no fat and resists at a temperature of 230 degrees. The use of this paper is, moreover, very simple since it suffices to moisten it under cold water and then to be able to garnish it. Only downside: its price, significantly higher than other papers cited above.

How to Create "No-Heat" Paper Towel Curls (August 2020)