June 23, 2024

What's new at Mango this winter?

With H & M and Zara, Mango is one of the three big names in trendy and accessible fashion. To be lookee without breaking the bank, a little tour at Mango is essential ... For its fall winter 2010-2011 collection, Mango was inspired by the seventies and more particularly of the series Funny of ladies: blow-dry lioness, trousers of man, flare jeans, camaieu of chocolate - beige and brown, the collection Mango proposes fluid and timeless silhouettes.

Among the influences, we note a call of the foot. Not sure, however, that Céline appreciates the man, at the limit of copy-pasted on some looks. High waisted shorts, cape, and long coats, Mango offers a collection of essentials that should make everything crack this winter!

Find in our slideshow the best moments of the Mango show

NEW Mango Winter High Street Haul & Try On (June 2024)